Tell me your favorite Japanese record PT.1 by Submerged(Ohm Resistance)

Most people wouldn't guess this about me, with my history and how most people know me is from DJing drum n bass -  but I'm a huge listener and also collector of Japanese music, both noise and rock! Probably the first Japanese music I heard was Merzbow. Back in the day, we were lucky enough to have the Relapse label in Pennsylvania, with lots of good promotion and crossover with metal, industrial and noise. The promotion for Pulse Demon definitely reached the same kids who loved Earache bands, Roadrunner bands, and I bought:


Year later I was lucky enough to release Masami, alongside my good friend Balazs Pandi, a show I both attended and got to mix for release 「DUCKS: LIVE IN NYC」 on 「Ohm Resistance」
Masami carries himself with the dignity that a man who lives with as much integrity in art and in life deserves. It was very pleasant to meet him that evening.



From there, I found some the Manifold label in Tennessee, and got straight into AUBE with Metal de Metal on that label, though my favourite AUBE release to this day is
made with only the sound of Glow Lamps. I loved Akifumi's one sound source concept, and absolutely loved his long, evolving compositions. I have so much AUBE 7"inchis, Picture Discs, CDs, he has a special place to himself in my collection.

3. KK NULL - Erg/Sec

Also from Manifold, I got into KK Null - who wouldn't buy a 7" attached to a saw blade?
I used to take this to DJ gigs with me to use as a weapon in case shit got ugly! Never got to use it, luckily.

4. ZENI GEVA - 10,000 Light Years

I got really into his band Zeni Geva too, my favourite release being

5. MSBR - Electrovegetarianism 7"

And speaking of crazy collector's items, if I remember right, the guy from MSBR did work with Masami and this

6. BORIS - Pink (Southern Lord)

Just as fun to put together as it is to blast on the stereo.
In the same time I heard about Sunn O))) I also heard about Boris from Bill Laswell.
Used to be the last CD I'd put on in the car for the last part of the drive I used to do for the Yakuza in America. I would celebrate being done with a very tough job
I also used a riff from "Just Abondoned My-self" on my mix CD in 2008,(Violence as First Nature - it's in the breakdown of track 16 :)

7. ENVY / JESU - Split CD

I got turned onto ENVY when I bought their split with JESU (as well as getting to work with Justin Broadrick in Blood of Heroes, I'm a longtime listener and fan of his) - so I was mesmerised when I got to hear ENVY for the first time - and that's why this goes on my list! Although I love all the ENVY albums, and the vocalist is amazing both singing and screaming, the one album I'll put on this list is:

8. ENVY - All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead

Tell me that guitarist has a little bit of Broadrick influence, no?

9. Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki ‎– Soup

Bill gave me this CD at his house, I still listen to it regularly - just great "you follow me, then I follow you" style improvisation.

10. is a tie between BOREDOMS - SEADRUM/HOUSE OF SUN and RUINS - VRRESTO -

both great albums, well distributed in USA, lucky enough to buy them at Tower Records back in the day!