"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.14 by Audiotist


"If the music you like makes a dozen of tanks sound like a lullaby,
if the tracks you listen to, killed your neighbours, this man is probably involved.
Forget about Breakcore, forget about avantgarde or AMRAAM missiles, your new favourite weapon is called Audiotist.
The 30 years-old artist from Belgium mixes and remixes samples and tracks in the most delightfully violent way,
and we decline any responsibility for all damage and riots happening after his gigs.
As he describes his sound on soundcloud, it should be something like this : BELGIAN HARD/BREAK/CHIP/RAVE/CORE WHATEVER….”

Audiotist is part of the Ragga Terror Front crew and Breakcore Gives Me Wood.
He Released on Dance Corps, Breakcore gives me wood, Superbadmidibreaks, Jigsore, Suck Puck Records, Dramacore, SKRD, Dead Kitty Rec, Bankizz, …

So here it is, my top 10 of Breakcore artists , tracks, albums.
This list could be a top 20, and i still would not be able to put every artist in it that I want.
As my musical taste differs from breaky melodic chiptune jungle-ish bass stuff, to High BPM chaotic sample mashing breakcore, hardcore, terror, blablabla.
So i guess this list contains the records that got remembered, because i played them way too much, over and over again, for years, but still cant get enough of it.
For me that is a sign of good music, it makes me tingle inside, and act like an idiot on the outside. And i never get tired of the repeat button.

Love him, or hate him. Although i don’t know how anybody could hate the originality and crazyness of the songs this dude made !!

2.Venetian snares
Genius ! For me, it started with the Doormouse Skelechairs EP and the Chocolate Weelchair album.
When his album Rossz Csillag Alatt Sz├╝letett dropped, i couldnt go back from this kind of music anymore.
And he still hasn’t stopped making new great stuff, this guy knows how to touch me !!

3.Shitmat - Full English Breakfest
UK’s finest, Jungle, Rave, Breakcore, Hardcore  Mash ups, He owned it all !!

4.Ladyscraper - The death of Mary Poppins
Loving the harder metal , drum, gabber kick, distortion stuff, so this first album got me swept off my feet !
Great album ! And the Droon cripplefight remix is also worth checking out !

5.Nero’s day at disneyland - From Rotting Fanatsaylands
Nothing much to say, just listen to this.I always found it hilarious and creepy at the same time.
I’ve never stopped listening to this album since the first time I heard it.

6.Rainbowejaculation - Cock Sucker Dj Mix
Only saw this guy play once in Belgium,on Re:Fest festival 2009.
I found his set amazing and immediately started searching his tunes.
Years later i got told he was playing that set with two phones due to some isseus with his gear or cd’s.
Still i thought it was mind blowing, even when i was sober!
Dj Rainbow ejaculation - Rough Trade
Dj Rainbow Ejaculation - Cock Sucker Dj Mix

Boss of the Peace Off record label. Great releases on there, and he made some long lasting bangers!

Sickboy got me starting to listen Breakcore more and more back in the day. Thanks to the BGMW party’s in the Alcahel squat in Ghent.
Breakcore gives me wood has given me the most awesome party’s from the start when it comes to pure Breakcore.
Thats where i saw Droon, Sickboy, Rotator, Giggling Dildas, Hecate, La Peste, Baseck, Xanopticon, Terror & Mayhem, … for the first time.

This 7” was my first love :
And then 2 years later this happened :
The genious LP "Shake hands with a clenched fist "

Legend ! So many good tracks, too much to type !

10.Igorrr & Ruby my dear - Maigre 
This must be one the most recent albums that got me feeling so good, every time i hear it !
They are both defenitly worth checking out, they did some great seperate releases.
But the combo of these two gentleman is one the best i’ve seen in years !

Thats it. Somewhat of a top 10 . I need to finish this quick or I’ll keep changing the list.
While doing this a dozen of other names popped in too my head…So these labels deserve to be put in as well !!  
As they got a bunch of my love and respect for releasing some real nice music !!

Murder Channel, Ad Noiseam, Death$ucker, Cock Rock Disco, Bloody Fist, Breakcore gives me wood, Peace Off,Audiogenic,...

And these (not in the list) artists also had a big influence on me throughout the years!! Together with many more !!

Squarepusher, Droon, R-Mit, Ozwald, Sicktronick, Harry Poppins, Ed Cox, Baseck, Sabrepulse,
Drumcorps, ScotchEgg, Doormouse, DonnaSummer, DuranDuranDuran, Hellfish, Nasenbluten, Screamerclauz,…
+ That one awesome album Cardopusher did on here !!

Still asking yourselves who the hell I am ? Me too !