MxCx Interview#29 "Ruby My Dear"

Ruby My Dear

Where are you from? What kind of environment did you grow up in?

I am from little city near Toulouse, named Cahors. It s a city in a campaign environment. That s what I like, not sure to be happy in huge city with just building. I like life in this kind of environment, everything is more easier. There s not too much culture  but life is slower.

When did you get interested in music? What CD(or Vinyl) you bought for the first time?

Maybe around my 10 years old or before not sure. But there was always instrument in my parent s house (piano, accordion). I started to learn guitare and bass in music school. But I stopped because was too much of theory. Play guitar alone and tried to play song from my favorite band like system of down gojira Korn. 
My first vinyl was maybe Dorothee, un tremblement de terre… She had a tv show for child in France.

Please tell me the work you influenced.
You used many samples of JAZZ and Reggae(Ragga). Are you being influenced by them?

Most of the time is music I heard. Any kind of music: pop,rnb, jazz, techno, rock, electronic stuff. It can be just a sonority in a track. For example, I use some auto tune after hearing tracks with it. Was searching for a kind of sound for a precise track of me. And this sonority was perfect for it.

When did you start making music?
At that time, what kind of songs did you make? What equipment did you use first time?

When I was young I remember recording me with a cassette player. Recorded all my guitar riff. After when I bought a zoom drum machine, I added drums on it. Maybe around my 12 or later. So I recorded everything live with my guitar, drum machine and cassette player. I found some cassette record last year. Was amazing to listen to it. It was like metal stuff. Between mr bungle and system of a down.

What is your favorite instrumentalist?

I remembered to start playing bass guitar because of Trujilo and because of this album Infectious Groove, Groove Family cico.  That s too funky for me now...
Now I think i will say Mike Patton for all his carreer and creativity. He trys always new thing and very interesting stuff

Have you received music education?
If so, Is music theory reflected in your music production?

I receive some music education (during 2years I think when I was child) but I do not really use it. I do everything with my ear and do not apply music education on my stuff. I compose more with proper music education (music I heard).

When did you first hear Breakcore? At that time, Where did you feel charm in Breakcore? Who is the Breakcore artist you influenced by?

Maybe it was in 2005 and listen some Alec empire and afx (his speed material). I liked the energy and love the quantity of information that this music give. I love rhythm that is on it. And when you can add good ambiance/melody it s perfect. I love the atmosphere in Amon Tobin or Arca material and like when afx makes lot of break.

The biggest impression was when I listen for the first time to the Rossz Csillag Alatt Született album of Venetian snares. At this time I knew that I will try to produce breakcore. This album is so perfect!

You released music in 2008 under the name "Doc Colibri".
Why did you start Doc collibri's activities? What did you do before Doc Colibri?

For my pleasure first. I always want and need to create music for me. When i played guitar first and later with computer and keyboard. I start to share my music with "Surboum". It s the period when i start to listen most of the the time to electronic music.
Bzfore Doc Colibri, i played in different band in different style but nothing serious with friends. Since College i always play with people, it was very nice time, really liked this period.

When was the activity of "Ruby My Dear" started? What is the origin of the name?

The first release was « La mort du Colibri » in 2010. I was bored about the doc colibri name. And at this time I listen a lot of jazz music and track name sounds really cool too me. Found this name nice.
Ruby my dear is a ballad song and you can found sometimes some « atmospheric travel » like in a ballad song in my tracks. I like the idea to have a ballad song name and do breakcore music.

"La Mort Du Colibri" is Ruby My Dear's debut release? Please tell me the history of making this release.

I want to make an ep to introduce ruby my dear and tell people who follow me that doc colibri was dead.
This ep was built with a lot of sample. Except the track 4, every track are composed just with sample, no midi instrument. At this period I loved the expression that gives sample to tracks. But now my idea to compose is different, no surprise, I know what I want to do and do not loose my time to search samples. Compose everything on midi files first.

You released EP from Peace Off in 2010 and 2011. How was the release determined?

After 2008, when I explore all the break core scene I listen to some peace off release. This label is major in the breakcore history.
And in 2009, I played one of my first gig in Bordeaux in a peace off night with rotator, krumble, mkl and stazmza. Frank liked my set and want me to send him tracks.
Few months later I was released on peace off.

You have collaborated with Gautier Serre several times in the past. When did you first meet with him?
How was "Maigre" made? Sending data? Or did you make it together in the studio?

First time I met him was in Zurich in 2012. We play together in a Ad noiseam night. We talk about making music together and 2 weeks after we started to make « figue Folle ». Was a great experience. We understand each other and go in the same direction for the creation of the tracks.
We made it in distance, sending files. I remember receive his files and always be surprising by what he done. Hope he was thinking the same of what I sent him ;)

Please tell about the equipments you are using for composing. With which process do you usually compose a track?

These days I compose everything in midi (it s what I done for « brame »). I make all the composition in piano and after this, add different midi instrument and drums. When everything look like  a track I record it and break it. Add fx, sound design, etc… I like this way to produce because I can hear all the track and arrange it before adding breaks. The idea is to put on first plan the melody and then breakcore thing.

You have amazing songwriting talent. How do you get the idea of melody?
And,How do you make complex drum patterns?

Idea comes with everything i see or hear. For the melody it s habitually classical music. It s very dense and complex. Everything is written in midi with a piano sound. Hear it, feel the melody ad see what kind of sound expressed this melody. I love every part of composition (fist sound to master) but this part, find the idea is very nice to imagine the entire track just with a basic piano part.
I edit manually all my drum pattern

I feel the beauty and noble atmosphere from your music.
What is your aesthetic sense? What makes you feel beautiful?

I like texture in music. Like in the Amon Tobin and Arca work for it. It s the melody and the sound design of the melody, texture. Hard to explain.  Just listen to to them.

What are you expressing in music?

Noise of my head

What is the concept of the new album "Brame"?
When was the album production started? Did you try something new?

The idea is to make an album with more real sound: guitar, scream, horn. Something electronic but with a lot of real instrument. When I had finished this album, searched for a title. All the sound make me feel like I am in the wood, like bulldozer in the wood with screams. « Brame » is just the perfect name for this one.
I think it s like my personal « Maigre » album.

Did you play all the instruments included in "Brame"?

I played most of the guitar and somes screams. But it s the first time i asked to friend to play on few tracks. Gautier Serre maked hawaiian guitar, Anthony Miranda flute, my sister accodeon and my father sax. And for ocals Laure Le Prunenec, Emilie Chick, MC Noia and Jules Ribis. Really like to work like this, i think the traacks are more rich and complete with few real instruments. And it was the idea for this album.

Many people think that Ruby My Dear is a Breakcore artist. Can you agree with that?

I am ok with it. I play on this scene so I am a part of it I think.

You are releasing records every year. Are you conscious of the pace of release?

I love produce stuff. I am very happy in my studio so as long as I will have inspiration I will continue.
Sometimes I am in my studio and do not arrive to create anything good. These days I am very very sad.

You made a US tour in 2017. How was the US tour? What is the most impressive town?
You play Live show in many countries. What is your favorite country?

Was a great experience. A lot of travel and was very tired stuff, need few weeks to recover of it. I had 2 days off in San Francisco so I can visit. Incredible city.
Best place to play breakcore is definitely UK. But I need sunshine so to live I prefer the south.

You are doing another projects "Digital Velvet" and "Mü". Please tell me the concept of these two units.
How about music production with other people?

Digital Velvet is a side project where i create everything and ask people to participate as instrumentalist or vocalist. The first album will be released on june on Unicum Music. It s a compilation of tracks done during this last 4years. Really happy that s finally go to be release. And i am currently working on a second one.

Mü is more a band for live. We are going to release our last stuff on Prspct. I t s a collaboration ep with Mike Redman.

Mü is now Mutants. We are now 3: Xavier Coriat drummer, Gab Saule (Abraxasss) Rapper and me. We are going to record our  fist album during the winter.

What do you do when you not making music?

I am actually doing a new formation to be winemaker. My dad have a domain and I want to work with him on it.

Please tell me your future schedule.
What do you want to do in 2018?

I am working on a new album. I have composed all the tacks in midi files. Now I have to record everything and break it.
And I am coming soon in Japan, no?