"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.12 by klitorix



Born in a temple lost in the jungle of Mexico, son of Indinana Jones and girl of Catwoman, the mad klito was very quickly left by his parents too much occupied of stinking mutually.
He emigrates then in the 80s to Jamaica where he was gathered and educated by a tribe of rastafaris homosexuals who gave to him taste to diverse vibrations in any genre...
It is in 1995 that his destiny is going to change forever with the discovery of Scatman and 20 Fingers, a revelation that he pushes it to flee in Europe.
In the year 2000 he discovers digital hardcore and the free-party movement (that was not so free already) and begins to experience alone in his cave his first musical experiences.
It is in 2010 that the klito appears in Internet on the netlabel BRK (France) with Randomatik Blast's remix, turns out to be then several participations for of numerous netlabel (Breakcore.nl, Cuntroll Rec, Dexandthecity, Irreverent Music, NKS, Infinite Pandemic ...) up to his first EP "Flore Vaginale" in 2012 on the mythical netlab Sociopath Records.
He also begins to play regularly on stage with various crew and artists of the world core as Foxdye, Santisima Virgen Maria, Ruby My Dear, Igorrr, Rotator, Venetian Snares... in different countries (Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Uk, Scotland ...).
In 2013 created " Hormonal VibrationZ ", multicore and more netlab with the help of MatMarrr for the visual part before immigrating to Mallorca, mad mad mad island which allows him to develop with heat and love his musical projects.
In live and direct its an unload of violent energy worked passionately that he shares with pleasure!!!

Well it was difficult to select a top 15 breakcore tracks having existed so i tried to remember which one had most marked me when i began to listen this music until today.
Im pretty sure that i forgot some important songs but here you have an idea of what influenced me during the years.
The Digital Hardcore and Dtrash label releases were the first ones, followed by the Peace Off, Ad Noiseam or Deathsucker stuff in the middle of 2000's (the gold age of breakcore from my point of view).
Now the scene has changed and its less prolific and original than before but you can still find some good producers and label who will continue to maintain the movement alive.
For me breakcore is synonym of free expression and DIY, close to punk in his approach where the idea and the desire to make something with passion without limit is more important than the technical detail (even if it stays obvious for this kind of music).

Track List
01 - Alec Empire "Bass Terror" * Force Inc. Music Works / 1993
02 - Stuntrock "We'll See What's So Funny When I'm Fucking Dead" * CLFST / 2001
03 - Doormouse "Skelechairs" (Venetian Snares Remix) * Addict Records / 2004
04 - Enduser "Blastin Mothafuckaz" * Ad Noiseam / 2005
05 - The Flashbulb "Chik Habit" * Sublight Records / 2006
06 - Ebola "Ninja Terminator Remix" * Sublight Records / 2006
07 - Rotator "Labba Labba" * Broklyn Beats / 2006
08 - Cardopusher "Fighters Unite" * Peace Off / 2008
09 - Pk Ill "Fcuk m mo mon mone money" * Illphabetik / 2009
10 - Foxdye "One Leg In The Booty Shorts" * Fukdup Records / 2010
11 - L3ft Luca5 "6am Party Gabba ( Part 2 )" * Off Me Nut / 2013
12 - Weyheyhey !! "UP THE BUM NO BAIIIIIBEEZ" * Self-released / 2013
13 - Audiotist "Uber-Ich (Wan Bushi Amoria Remix)" * Bankizz / 2014
14 - Igorrr & Ruby My Dear " Barbecue" * Ad Noiseam / 2014
15 - Spongebob Squarewave "Re-Ab" * Off Me Nut / 2016