"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.13 by Ulcerium


Ulcerium is considered as one of the first producers in his style who's coming from the north of the African continent and he's actually based in Hamburg Germany.
After being active for many years in death metal projects like "I the intruder" and "Vomit the hate" he started producing Breakcore and IDM in 2011, passing by breakcore including his metal influences, keeping on evolving and experimenting new styles and sounds in his music until he came up with this 3 tracks release entitled "Abominations" with a new sound, new taste and shitloads of energy! Out nonw on Murder Channel.

1. Rotator - Make it ruff
This track has changed my vision regarding breakcore, before I discovered this track I was mostly making Kind of IDMish breakcore with a lot of melodies etc but this was the slap that took me to the darkside.

2. Whourkr - Slaagt 
Just fucking WOW!!! the vocals sound awesomely disgusting! this track destroys some of my brain cells every time I hear it.

3. Gromov - Bring da noise 
Kind of monotonic classic breakcore but it gets me trapped in a weird state of mind. LOVE IT!

4. Dangerous beat - Mindcore 
Totally unknown, I think the view count is 142 on YouTube! and I think that this producer just made this track then disappeared. Dark as fuck, fulfills my needs! Great track!

5. Bong-ra vs Igorrr - Pallbearer
Even I totally don't like Igorrr's stuff but I love this track, normally I start it from 1:38 when it starts growing balls, a masterpiece!