MxCx Interview#12 "NAH"

** This interview was recorded on March 17, 2016 **

NAH is a Producer / Drummer currently located in Philadelphia.

NAH - Hot Fire Mix

Please tell us about your birthplace and your age. I heard that you moved to Belgium. Why did you move there?

31 years old. America. Moved to Belgium to be with my wife and experience life outside the U.S.

Since when are you interested in music? What kind of music scene was there in your hometown?

Interested in music since birth. Vibrant.

Since when are you making music? What was the opportunity?

Creating sounds in some form since birth. Life was my opportunity to make music.

When did you start your activity as "NAH"?

2011 is when I decided to call myself NAH, but I have been working on these ideas as long as I can remember.

NAH could be categorized as Hip Hop (sometimes Experimental Hip Hop, Noise Rap) generally. Do you think you are making Hip Hop? Under which concept do you produce music of NAH?

I wouldn't call it hip hop or punk or noise or anything really. I just try to produce the sounds that I want to hear, the sounds that make me feel better about life.

In which situation do you write the lyrics? What do you sing in NAH`s track?

I write whenever I can, wherever I am.

Please tell me about "GIVV" who is featured in your work. He has offered his rap in your track often. What about GIVV`s rap attracts you? You also collaborated with ho99o9 and play live together. How did you encounter them and start to make music together?

Givv is a great artist and friend. He has a wonderful ability to take his problems and present them in a catchy, yet abstract way. I like that you can never really know what he is talking about, but you know it means something. Ho9909 and I have the same European booking agent. We started playing shows together and became friends. Pretty simple.

You play drums and sing vocal at the same time in your concert. How did you reach this concert style? What kind of instruments do you use in the concert?

Well, NAH is only me. So I just had to figure it out.... I use drums, a sampler, a midi trigger and my body.

NAH often releases cassette tapes. Is there any kind of obsession?

No obsession there. It's just the format that I can afford to utilize. No big time label support.

Your activity such as concert, music video production is based on a DIY mentality. Where does this mentality come from? What is the reason that your activity is based on  a DIY mentality?

It comes from the need to create and not having anyone else to pay for or help with things. If you want something done, you just have to do it......

Do you have any artist whom you respect or favorite musician in recent music scene?

not really. no.

What kind of impression did you have of "DOROHEDORO"? Do you have any character or story which impressed you a lot after reading this comic?

I really responded to the world itself. I liked the primitive yet futuristic vibe of the scenery. Very organic yet synthetic all at once. Kaiman is my dude.

What concept or image does this track offered by you for this comic have?

I used more "magical" and organic sounds for this track. Tried to recreate the playful yet dark feeling I experienced while reading the books. To me this track represents an audio version of what the characters would experience while traveling from the sorcerer's world to The Hole.

Please tell us the release schedule for the future. Do you have any new challenges or targets you'd like to achieve? Comments to your fans in Japan?

I'm always working on new material. Since I am not on a "proper" record label, I am free to do basically whatever I want. So in the next year you can expect many experimental cassette releases and a few vinyl releases including a full length which is almost finished. To the Japanese people - Please bring me to your country! I really want to see your land, share my work with you and learn from your artists. Thanks for the support.

interviewer:Ume(Murder Channel)