MxCx Interview#7 "SA†AN"

※ This interview was recorded on January 25, 2016 ※


SA†AN is a Producer/live act from Russia. He started his twisted musical experiments in 2006 and has been going strong ever since.

Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Breakcore and Metal. This dark lord mashes up all of these nasty ingredients to create a diabolical mix that burns down any church or dancefloor. With monster releases on labels like Peace Off, Yellow Stripe and of course PRSPCT it truly looks like god is losing the battle on earth. All Hail SA†AN!!

Please tell me your age and where you are from.

I'm 26, I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Since when were you interested in music?
I feel some influences of eath Metal、Breakcore、Drum'n'Bass、Hardcore Techno from your music, but which artist(movie, book, art woek etc) affected/ inspired you?

I started to listen to electronic music when I was 12 years old, but my interest to metal music has come later, after 3 or for 4 years of pure electronic stuff.

I was inspired by Technical itch, Venetian Snares, Omar Santana, Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, just to name a few in different genres. I also love horror movies, but to be honest, everything can become an inspiration, even if you just sitting somewhere, looking into the sky and thinking about the endless galaxy.

When did you start your music career? What motivated you to compose music?
What kind of music scene were there at your home town?

I started to make my own music in 2006. I also had some minor attempts before, but from 2006 I decided that I want to do it more seriously. The motivation was just to describe my vision in music. As everywhere, in my hometown the majority of music is a commercial pop stuff. The underground scene is also present, but it not so big as in european countries for example, but still alive.

Tell me why you named yourself "SA†AN"?
A lot of satanism can be found in your work (title, sampling voice), I think. Are they also reflecting your idea, will and suggestion?
Do your mask and costume on stage have a concept and special meaning?

When I started, it was just music without name. And one day I decided that Satan is the best word to describe my vision in sound and my world view. Everything is connected together, my music is my reflection of this world. And this was the main idea of creating "SA†AN" as a musical project, to show our real world without any embellishment. Straight-out and cruel, what it actually is.

And my stage mask is just a final addition to all this things, It helps me to transfer my energy.

Your release from Peace Off on 2010 "Revenge Of The Fallen" had a  big impact on the under ground music scene with its sensational great work. Please tell us the theme of this album. Also tell us your feeling while you were making this.

It was an interesting time, I was full of emotions, I've just broke up with my ex-girlfriend and this fact strengthened my motivation to describe my feelings through the sound. I wanted to revenge somebody or something, but I just made a new album ahahah.

Tell us the software, speakers and the main music machine which you use recently.
What is the most important thing for you to compose music?

I use Ableton live and sometimes Reason. I've never had any hardware synths in my production, but I do not deny that it would be an interesting experience.

The most important thing to compose is mood and inspiration. Other things are additional.

Guitar sound in your track in generated by software, right? How do you make these phrases?

I used some VST instruments such as RealStrat and Kontakt with different guitar libraries and processed it with virtual emulation of guitar amps and cabinets such as Amplitube and other similar stuff.

How long would it take to compose a track for you, usually?I think you have been releasing many tracks and EPs, annualy.Is is important for you to release music at your own pace?

It depends on a lot of different things. From 7 days to several months. If I have no inspiration to compose whole track I just experiment with synthesis, trying to discover some new techniques for myself. Sometimes I have an inspiration and motivation and can make track one by one, but sometimes I need a break. Like after big work, at first you have to recover your sources of energy and then continue.

I feel that your recent track are more for DJs, like a direct dance music approach, with the elements of Hard Drum'n'Bass and Crossbreed. What lead you to this direction? Tell us your feeling for this change, if possible.

Yes, as you noticed my latest stuff is more danceflour. But it still sounds hard. I just tried something other from my usual stuff and got a good feedback from it. I love to experiment in mixing different genres  together so it's just an another side of my creation.  It doesn't mean that I leave breakcore totally, I just expanded the borders of my activities.

You have played in Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, and Czech. Which event or show was the most impressive for you?
What do you think about the recent music scene in Russia?

I also played in Portugal, France, Denmark, Poland and Finland. And every country was really great and gave me good impressions. But in Netherlands and Belgium were the best events I ever played.

I think that recent music scene in Russia is going through hard times now, but we still have some people who can make great things and trying to make underground events despite everything. And this is important.

Although you have released from Peace Off、PRSPCT、Future Sickness、Yellow Stripe Recordings、Heresy、and Sustained Records,  have you any regulations or standard idea when choosing the label to release with?
Nowadays, many artists become the founder of  their own music label and release their own music, I think. Are you also interested in to do it?

Anyway each label has his own direction and I keep this in mind  If I prepare tracks specially for one or another. Or just making some new tracks and then decide.

But as for my own label, I'm not going to do it now. May be in future, who knows.

I know you have been releasing a lot of great works in past, and I would like to know if you have the favorite one with some special reason.

I think it's a track  ''You was my favorite corpse'' Don't know why, just like it.

Tell us your future release schedule etc,
Please give a message to the listeners in Japan.

In near future I'm going to make a release on Bang a Rang and Othercide.

To all Japan listeners I want to thank you for your support. It's not so easy to come here from Russia, but I still hope that one day it will happen and we'll burn the danceflour with you! Cheers!