"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.10 by Istari Lasterfahrer

Istari Lasterfahrer

declaimer: 5 best breakcore tracks is quite hard to choose, even i am not the person who have this kind of thinking, the list would change with my mood every minute. but i try to make a 10 quickly most for me landmarked albums or eps. some may be linked with live sets i have seen and which kicked me off, others would stand for labels i liked their output.

Various ‎– Galeries Paralleles, Cavage - CAV10 
this one stands for all cavage releases who should be in a best of all breakcore
lists, just picked this one by random and because i have 2 tracks on it ;)

Snares Man! ‎– Clearance Bin / Breakbeat Malaria , History Of The Future ‎– HOT 007 
the one with the funky cover! anyway all other releases of this label are worth a trackdown.

Criterion ‎– Race Traitor / Honky Talk Hits, Broklyn Beats ‎– BB007.1 
thats the starter of a great 7inch series, "we hate your white racist institution!",
should i mention all broklyn beats records are the one to track down?

Lesser ‎– Gearhound, Matador ‎– OLE 449-1 
is that even breakcore? i don't care. anyway i loved his live set with just a
korg kaoos pad I, a pioneer cd player and a macbook running hyperprism.

Various ‎– Henry Kissinger War Criminal, Irritant ‎– IRRITANT20
those who never heared about irritant are damned to repeat it again. this one is a great
little 7inch compilation.

Karl Marx Stadt ‎– 2001-2004, Lux Nigra ‎– lnv32
karl marx stadt is a alien vessel larger and more dreadfull then anything you
may imagine. and lux nigra is not even a breakcore label!

D'Kat ‎– Bleeding To Death In The Local Police Station., Death$ucker Records ‎– D$R 0.3 
wait what? i should have a copy of this one somewhere...

CPUWAR vs. Pisstank ‎– Kool Pop Trash Series Vol. 1, Kool.pop - POP12.004 
the label kool.pop from berlin, crossing point for everthing that is kool in the early days.
i still wait for Trash Series Vo.2 since ages.

Kid606 vs Pisstank ‎– Boy On Boy - Wabana Ore Limited ‎– ORE 29
banging 7inch, banging label with lot of more great 7inches!

Handbag/Abba Versus Istari Lasterfahrer ‎– Acid Explosion / Judge Dread, Sozialistischer Plattenbau ‎– SPB12.002, AcidBoyChairGoldSoundz ‎– abcg 02 
milestone release. this one just teared down the barriers of sonic sludgeness.