"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.11 by Wan Bushi

Wan Bushi


Aaron specter - Mordor
The moment Aaron Specter released the track Mordor was a turning point for me. That track just has it all, can't see how it could be made any better. So much eye for detail but still sounding ruff with a high dose of energy.

Pisstank - Punching your girlfriends cunt til it bleeds
Pisstank only gets his name in the list because of one tune, but it's a pure beauty, one that rapes all other rave breakcore tracks and not just in the ass, It's obviously the Punching your girlfriends cunt til it bleeds one.

Knifehandchop – Return To Chinatown
Master of melodies, low fi breakcore, somtimes a bit minimalistic but still very much party music, And yes, I say it again, the damn melodies, mmm tasty.

Kid Spatula – Hard Love
This one I won't tell much about, it's just damn great, Can't get enough of it, and so should you.

Mr Bad Monkey - Those Damn Rasta's Took E Again!
I can't put myself on the list cause that would be wrong. So I'm putting mr Bad Monkey instead, because who still makes (good) raggacore this days? I could have picked any song, but this one is just my cup of tea as I like mashups and rave,

Toecutter – Come On Barbie
I'm not always a fan of cutted noise glitch breakcore massacre sounds, but you have to check Toecutter, even if you are not in love with random music. Just pust this one on high volume at the work office and see how nuts people will become.