"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.5 by Zombieflesheater

A selection of some of my favorite breakcore releases, incomplete and in no particular order.

Kovert- Shock Effekt (Praxis 34)

This is maybe the purest and most accurate record when it comes to describe breakcore. Perfect rolling breakbeat constructions an overall menacing dark feel, a lot of noise and a concept behind the whole 12".

Christoph Fringeli & DJ Scud – Bodysnatcher (Ambush 06)

Cold and haunting as the movie that gave the record its name, the definition of Shrillstep. perverted techstep beats mixed with feedback harsh noise and subbase that make the basement shake. Sheer anarchy.

DIN – New Stuff From Blue Crystal Studios

A great tape from 1997, full of noise breaks and jungle loops that follow no rule or format. Completly uncompromiseless and harsh. Some of the tracks where later released on Ambush 07.

Venetian Snares – Shitfuckers!!! (Dyslexic Response 07)

This records has little to do with the stuff he released in later years. Its worth to mention this rude & brute bulldozer- like 12" because it comes without the later technical shenanigans and a somehow careless and light feel in it.

Ślepcy – And Again (Ambush 11)

One of the most compromisless releases in existence, Ślepcy from poland show no mercy on this 12" and floor everything. Ultrafast harsh breakbeats mixed with disdurbing noise collages, its a total orgy of extremes without sounding ridiculous or dull, but euphoric and frightning at the same time.

Aphasic – Bass & Superstructure (Ambush 9)

Frantic mixture of bone dry breakbeats,harsh feedback noise & bass. Together with Scud & Rich Kids Ambush 10 and the Snares Man 7" on Hotf, This Brutal Soundclash can be seen  as one of the precursors to the later raggacore hype. Remains unmatched.

Scud & Nomex  -  Total Destruction (Maschinenbau 2)

DJ Scud from Ambush and Nomex from Adverse teamed up again for this now classic breakcore/noise orgy, for one of the most iconic tracks from this era. Amiga 1200 highspeed jungle breaks mixed with skateboard noise, dubby echo, harsh feedbacks and General Bailey vocals in between. Listen dj, listen carefully!

Shizuo – Shizuo vs. Shizor (DHR LP7)

One of the most interesting artists on Digital Hardcore Rec. with his full length album. Unpredictable,punkish harsh and funky proto breakcore filled with numerous little ideas and details that gives a good idea of the possible diversity in this "non-genre". He was the man.

Christoph De Babalon  -  If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It  (DHR LP8)

Never sounded melancholy better than on this record. It starts with an epic 15 minutes long Ambient track called "Opium" and goes on with experimental drum & bass and jungle and more dark soundscapes with a serious cold atmosphere. Gothic Jungle as CDB called it in this mix https://soundcloud.com/christoph-de-babalon/back-in-the-gothic-jungle

Society Of Unknowns – Society Of Unknowns (Praxis 24)

Breakbeat constructs in the vein of Ambush 1 and 2 and Praxis 27(also important records that are unfortunatly not reviewed in this list), spooky modular noises and deep basslines, put together to an massive experimental breakcore 12" with this specific funk that you could find on some of the best releases from this time.

CPU War vs Pisstank  -  Koolpop Trash Series Vol.1 (kool.POP ‎– POP12.004)

CPU War with some cheap harsh and indeed trashy breakcore, some of there better tracks beside the "Live Vancouver 2005" cdr. The better side for me is from Pisstank, owner of Irrirant Records, 8 totally punk-as-fuck highspeed tracks, rough and ruthless, straight to the point tunes that are perfectly accompanied by his split 7"s with lesser and kid 606.

Amputate 1-4

Another Label from London with 4 12"s full of rocking harsh Amiga-breakcore sometimes mixed with industrial hardcore and drum & bass produced by Photic Driver, Anaphylactic Shock, Scrot and Elastic Horizons. Some related labels are  Psywarp and Prone.

Dan H/Christoph Fringeli  (New Skin 1)

Hekate (New Skin 2)

The first two New Skin 12" with extremly cold and abrasive and complex breakbeats from Dan Hekate of the Hekate Soundsystem from london. accompanied by CFs expiremental hardcore subbass & broken beats.

Mwarf  (Ambush 5)

Mwarf is another alias of Dan Hekate and here he goes on with the relentless broken beats and disturbed dark jungle. Brutal funk.

DJ Balli & Mu B  -  Serious And Comical Investigations At Around 333 (Sonic Belligeranza 01)

DJ Balli, the man behind Sonic Belligeranza with the first of many concept releases this label. Here you find tracks with a duration of 3 minutes 33 seconds, intertracks duration 33 seconds 3 cents of a second, all frequencies cut at 33.3 hertz, beats reaching the peak of 333 bpm,  and of course at 33 ⅓ rpm. Unformatted experimental speedcore and breakcore, full of challenging breaks, cuts and noises.

Noize Creator – The Future Is Cancelled (Praxis  51)

NC with his trademark crystal clear rapid fire breaks,haunting breakdowns with dark movie-score like synths and bass that prove that its possible to produce breakcore like this without slide off into soulless sounddesign boredom. "You Are Going Down