"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.6 by Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist

Venetian Snares – The Chocolate Wheelchair Album

This release from 2003 is in my personnal taste in music one the best from Aaron Funk Venetian Snares project. It is very diversified, completly crazy and frantic and still extremly energic. Jazz / Noise / Speedcore / Mash-up / IDM, you can find anything in this album. «  Herbie Goes Ballistic  » is my favorite track of all for the brain melting time stretched rythm that seems to come from multiple universes in the same time  !

Various Artist [Mutant Snipper / Peace Off] – Invasion From the XXX Dimension

I can't speak of my favorite Breakcore releases without mentioning Peace Off Records of course. With this Mutant Snipper 3 vinyls I think the label released on of the best compilation ever released in the Breakcore scene. With major artist like the already mentioned Venetian Snares and other great name like Doormouse, Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon, Otto Von Schirach and all the Peace Off crew (Electric Kettle, Rotator, Krumble & Electromeca) droping super twisted and dark tracks. A «  Buy or Die  !!!!  » fine exemple.

Igorrr – Hallelujah

After more quiet and experimental debut Igorrr started to be one of the most incredible producer of the scene with his album Nostril, but the next one Hallelujah is what we should call a masterpiece. It even sound «  accessible  » as he mix his Black Metal, Baroque and Hard Electronic influences in the same track with a clear taste for humour and real instrument and singers recording of an amazing quality. Future classic (or maybe it is already)

Kid606 – Kill Sound Before It Kills You

I keep listenning to this album every month since more than 7 years (when I discovered it) and I still love it like the first day. It is super energic, all tracks are pure banger oscilating between Jungle, Acid and more violent 4/4 hardcore beat but with a super punk feeling of «  I do what I want because I like it, go fuck yourself  !!!!!  ». It is also one of the most accessible work of the man, so efficient that even my friend who are not in the hard music love it anyway.

Bong-Ra – Warrior Sound

The first song of this Cd compilation of Bong-Ra way my discover of the whole Breakcore scene, I guess that's why I love it so much. I was more into Metal music at the time I discovered Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and all the Jungle / Idm scene and this Bong-Ra release was the first real «  Breakcore  » labeled thing I heard. Even years after you can still see me walking the streets with my headphones on singing «  Oooohooohooooooouuu We gonna Murder You  »  !!!!

Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist