"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.7 by Nicolas Chevreux(Ad Noiseam)

Cdatakill - Nina milla meta


Cdatatakill was one of the first American musician to write breakcore. His mixture of cut up drum'n'bass, very dry beats and dark atmosphere is something which people do not do much anymore, but is for me the truest possible kind of breakcore.

Enduser - Switch 

Any "best of breakcore" list must contain this track. It is fun without being stupid, accessible but still original, and an absolute treat. If there is anything such as a "breakcore club classic", this is it.

Igorrr - Cicadidae 

Igorrr is by far the best known breakcore musician at the moment. His technicality, originality and (again) ability to integrate clever humor into his tracks are making a big difference. "Cicadidae" is not his best known track, but I really enjoy how it is a bit more emotional, a bit more laid back than the rest, while staying at heart a breakcore track.

Drumcorps - Grist 

Many artists are mixing breakcore with metal, but very few are actually good at both. Drumcorps's debut album took the scene by storm, and rightfully so. Aaron Spectre knows his beats and his riffs, and respects both scenes.

The Teknoist - 32 Days 

I am not a big fan of straight hardcore music, and I think that most attempts at mixing breakcore and hardcore are not working very well. The Teknoist is one of the very few exceptions. His material is powerful,very hard, but also intelligent and deep.

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