Stazma The Junglechrist's interview from Breakcore Guidebook

This interview was made for the "Breakcore Guidebook Vol. 2".( I did interview in September 2018)
The English version will be published exclusively for the Murder Channel Blog.

Stazma The Junglechrist

Breakcore Guidebook Vol.1&2(Japanese version)

Over 500 Discreet Reviews.
Interview with 27 artists from around the world.
and Column and the history of Murder Channel.

10 things about Japanese culture(Behind the Geist Fiber) by Gore Tech

Our friend "Gore Tech" has released a new album "Geist Fiber" from Ohm Resistance.
This album has the most cyberpunk sound and worldview in the modern electronic music scene. The hybrid style is based on Drum'n'Bass and mixed Punk, Techno and Doom. Of course, his basic Breakcore mentality is also reflected.

In this article, Gore Tech wrote about the Japanese culture that influenced for "Geist Fiber".

MxCx Interview#36 " Saint Acid (Bangface)"

Saint Acid (Bang Face)
Bang Face is a regular electronic dance music event that has been taking place at various venues across the UK since 2003. Starting as a monthly club night in London, it has grown to include an annual three-day weekender at Southport, a boat party on the River Thames, as well as guest shows at festivals such as Glastonbury. In 2013 Bang Face celebrated its 10th birthday with DJ Mag stating BangFace [maintains] "the perfect blend of old skool rave and the finest contemporary leftfield sounds". In March 2015 Bang Face reached the milestone of 100 events by hosting the Weekender at Southport Holiday Park. Resident Advisor asked the question "Is Bangface the most unique rave out there?" and described it as a "Neo-rave utopia".

The influence of Bang Face is all over the world. Without their existence, I think the current music scene has changed. Bang Face told many people RAVE music and culture. As a result, RAVE came back to the music scene. And as long as Bang Face is there, it will remain forever.
It’s a season of Weekender soon. Music lovers from all over the world will gather over there.
I’m very lucky to have an interview with Bang Face's boss. This is a very interesting interview to look back on BangFace and RAVE music in the 2000s.

Stazma The Junglechrist "10 Years Of Breaking Things" Selfliner Notes


You have in your hand a time traveling machine in the form of two cds. As 2018 was the 10th anniversary of my musical project; Stazma The Junglechrist, I wanted to celebrate this with everyone, by offering a big testimony of what I did during that time. Both Cds travel thought time from the early days of sample based mash-ups, to the recent, more melodic productions largely based on analog synthesizers.
The first CD takes all my favorite tracks from my many Eps on many labels, such as, of course, Peace Off, but also Structural Damage, Cunt Gang, Acroplane, BRK, PRSPCT and Murder Channel.
The second is a compilation of tracks from compilations, remixes and other apearences on other peoples records. It has been a long time that I have wanted to make something like this and finally these tracks can be found in one place.
So here it is for you, a time travel from 2008 to 2018. Jungle, IDM, Hardcore, Gabber, Dub, Grindcore, Acid, Surf Rock, Punk and more, often having dirty sex together. 30 tracks (makes even more sense as I just turned 30 myself at the end of 2018) of no rules applied music. I had tremendous fun writting and performing these pieces of noise, in the studio and on stage, I hope you will have fun listening to them as well. See you on the road soon !

MURCD-041 / Stazma The Junglechrist - 10 Years Of Breaking Things

Artist : Stazma The Junglechrist
Title : 10 Years Of Breaking Things
Catalogue number: MURCD-041
Format: CD
Release Data: February 5

Track List

CD1 : Best Bits & Pieces
01 - Rudyz Breaking The Dancehall
02 - Shake Your Booty More Faster
03 - Kill For Weed
04 - Coconuts and Cocaine
05 - The Storm
06 - Fight The Right Way
07 - Alarm
08 - Infected Brain Cell
09 - Your Computer Is Under Arrest
10 - Nuisance 4 with Le Crabe
11 - Drunken DSP
12 - The Hammer
13 - Apocalypse with Le Crabe feat. Mike Redman
14 - Allergic Itching
15 - Data Eater

CD2 : Re-Compiled
01 - Dr. Bastardo - Ruffneck Skill (Stazma Acid Rush Remix)
02 - Jungle Destroyer
03 - Gameboy Physical Destruction - Planet 93 (Stazma The Junglechrist Too Many Dead Punxxx Remix)
04 - How Fast You Wanna Go
05 - Facial Injury
06 - Gore Tech - Heretic (Stazma The Junglechrist Beauty in Violence Remix)
07 - Melt.Spc
08 - Ragga Terror From Outer Space
09 - Planet California
10 - Metalworker
11 - Hitori Tori - UFO at disaster site (Stazma remix)
12 - Velvet Punk
13 - Electric Voyage
14 - Rockers
15 - Enduser - Shut Down [Stazma Acid Shower Remix]


Peace Off 20th anniversary feature articles

If you know Breakcore, it will know Peace Off.
Without them, the Breakcore scene did not exist.

Peace Off has released so many Breakcore masterpieces in the past 20 years.
Including sublabels such as Bang A Rang, Brothers In Blood, Damage, Hurry Up Limited, Kamikaze Club, Mutant Sniper & Ruff, they have released works close to 100 titles. Those works are always fresh and unique regardless of the times. Peace Off give to the shock for the Breakcore scene under the strong Punk spirit all the time.

This time, we ask to young generation of Breakcore artists about their favorite Peace Off release. Let's once again look back on the great history of Peace Off.

Peace Off

BEST of 2018

We made articles that compiled the good work of 2018 with great artists.
Please check other than your favorite genre.It should open a new door.

Thank you 2018! Let's have fun 2019 too!